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Member info, characters, focuses

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Member info, characters, focuses Empty Member info, characters, focuses

Post by Lallafa Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:54 pm

(Post with anything I'm missing/anything you want me to add)

Name (account name)
Character name - Class - Elemental Focus/Secondary Focus - Crafting Focus
(other info)

Bank (lallafa)
Groogaloragran - Osamodas

Feather (lallasa)
Chicoree - Osamodas - Earth/Fire - Leather Dealer
Nanny Ogg - Enutrof - Water
(Bontarian, member of "The Real Boitards")

Victor (ninjattorney)
Maliki - Sram - Fire/Air -

Jazmin (magpie)
Marcela - Sacrier - - Baker

Daniel (astellus)
Astellus - Xelor - - Ranged Weapons
Kanimir - Feca

Molly (gtaroo)
Party God - Sram - - Handicrafts

Evan (giygas)
Dist - Feca

Steven (gamblee)
Epito - Cra

Alex (sharrakor)
Sarzerker - Sacrier


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Member info, characters, focuses Empty Re: Member info, characters, focuses

Post by Gollypog Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:37 am

So for future reference here's a list of mats I'll need in the near future:

Piwilde eggs
Tofu Egg

And Later:

Tofu Blood
Larva Mucus
Moogr Milk

Beyond that I don't really want to think about...

Also I was looking around and it seams like I lot of future ingredients I'll require are done through herbalism so unless someone is actually seriously leveling that I maaaaay consider picking it up again? Not sure though, it's kind of exhausting.

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